House Blessings for New or Old House

If one wishes to bless their new home or current residence, the Rinpoche and Monks will be available to perform the house blessings. It takes about two hours to complete the house blessing prayers. If one is interested in having a house blessing, please contact us at (404) 565-8509. There is no fee for our monks prayer service, but we encourage a small donation to the Center and individual offerings to the monks which will be greatly appreciated.

Guest Lecturers and Teachers

Shenphen Dharma Center offers weekly group worship services followed by classes in the Buddhist religion. The Center also sponsors guest lecturers and teachers for special Buddhist teachings and empowerments.


Animal Release

It is believed that through rescuing animals and releasing them back to their habitat one cultivates the compassion for all sentient beings. The practice and participation in such activity is a blessing for all sentient beings. Shenphen Dharma Center holds a monthly on the first Sunday animal release.​

Rentle Program

A beautiful 3000 sq. ft. assembly hall and numerous smaller spaces are available for rent for events or on-going use. We invite inquiries from Buddhist groups and others.